A NSV and a Treat

Trail Bridge…I rode here…
The topic last week at WW was celebrating victories and recognizing our own success.  When you get towards the end of the weight loss phase of regaining your health, it gets harder and harder to shed the pounds. I lost my first 50+ pounds quickly and easily, gained some back and then lost some more.  I’m down to the last fifteen pounds, and I’ve been battling them for more than a year now, shedding only ounces at a time.  It gets discouraging. 

One thing that helps is to celebrate NSVs, or “non-scale victories” instead of focusing on the snail pace of your weight loss. My NSV for today?  I wore a fitted pencil skirt to work today, one with a regular waistband and not elastic, AND (you’re going to laugh at this) I wore my shirt tucked in.  I haven’t worn a tucked in shirt in more than fourteen years. 

Then, after WW and another succesful WI (-0.2 lb!) I treated myself to a long lunch with a bicycle ride on the Trinity Trails.  These trails are a Fort Worth treasure, my friends, a treasure
There are over 40 miles (FORTY MILES!) of trails along the Trinity River and its tributaries, both caliche gravel and concrete for walking, running, or cycling.  We even see horsebck riders occasionally – this IS, after all, Fort Worth.  Today I rode from my office to the Stockyards and back to the office.  8 miles, Chickies, 8 miles! 
Trail by LaGrave Field.  I rode here today, too!

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2 thoughts on “A NSV and a Treat

  1. Nice. I think I need to find some trails or something. I'm a beginning rider and riding on the street scares me. So my beautiful bike sits in the garage. I need a partner too. Wish you were here or I was there!I looked into bike clubs but where do I find one for the raw beginner?

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