20{4}40 – Spring Break!

It’s Spring Break!  Here are our family’s blessings today –  

101. Six plates at the table instead of five – We’re all together again!
102. Cast Iron Panini Press handed down from Grandma…I’ve owned it since before Paninis were “in”
103. Garlic Bread
104. Fresh Tomatoes
105. Sleeping late
106. No homework to supervise for a week
107. No papers to proofread
108. No tests to help kids study
109. No flashcards
110. Time to read just for fun
111. Riding bicycles all day long
112. Bike trails
113. Padded riding pants and squishy bike seat covers
114. Sunshine and warm days!
115. Sunscreen – and a special blessing to whoever invented it
116. Nalgene water bottles
117. Sunglasses
118. A hammock strung between two huge trees
119. Matinees
120. Movie Theater popcorn

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

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