20{4}40 – Employment

Let’s face it…economic recovery is slow.  We’re on edge at the Pea Household, because I work as an engineering consultant to many cities…and cities are experencing budget crises. That being said, I am very, very grateful to still be employed at the best engineering firms in the metroplex.  It is abundantly obvious that our comanpy is run by men who are staunch in their faith and trusting in God’s providence. Today’s Blessing List is about my workplace.

Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

121. Being free to pray at work and have bible study with my office mates before working hours.
122. Being gainfully employed
123. Wonderful coworkers who are good friends
124. Having a trainer at work to make me work out
125. Calculators, especially the engineering kind that use reverse polish notation
126. Computers that go fast
127. Having multiple fast computers at my disposal
128. The convenience of a printer on my desk
129. Internet resources for researching materials, suppliers and design methodology
130. Color plotters
131. Crayons, because sometimes using them to write a memo makes a very strong point without actually saying anything out of line
132. Adobe Pro
133. MicroSoft Office – the whole suite, except for that Access part…still haven’t figured that one out
134. StormCad software, because I can remember the olden days when iterative drainage calculations were done by hand and took weeks to finish instead of just hours
135. WaterCad software that allows me to quickly analyze different scenarios
136. MicroStation and Autocad, again because I can remember how we used to draw engineering plans on mylars…with ink pens and tedious fine penmanship
137. GIS software – see the world!
138. In place pavement recycling – so fast, so easy
139. The thank you call from a local citizen who thinks the new street in front of her house is just beautiful (Note – this doesn’t happen very often!)
140. Being able to design things that make my community better

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2 thoughts on “20{4}40 – Employment

  1. #121…wow, what a blessing#131…LOL!#139…I try to make it a point to let companies/people know when something they have done satisfies me becasue I'm sure they hear more complaints than compliments

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