20{4}40 – St. Patrick's Day

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

141. Irish forbearers who immigrated to the United States making me officially Irish on St. Patrick’s Day
142. St. Patrick himself
143. St. Patrick Cathedral
144. Hearing Adult Daughter#1 cantor at St. Patrick Cathedral
145. Beer, but not green beer because it’s gross`
146. The color green; it’s my favorite
147. Corned Beef and cabbage
148. Oatmeal, the steel cut variety
149. Irish Soda Bread
150. Wool sweaters
151. Friend who ships me worsted from Ireland
152. Wool Mittens made from Irish worsted that were given back to the same friend
153. Four leaf clovers
154. My favorite green sweater
155. Having green eyes (that exactly match the green sweater!)
156. Imagining that a pot of gold could really happen
157. Full Arc Double Rainbows
158. Pancakes for dinner
159. Leftover corned beef, made into a sandwich on rye bread
160. Cabbage…in slaw.


Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

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