20{4}40 – Exercise

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

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241. Buff Chad
242. Treadmill for running indoors when the wind is gusting and the pollen is so thick in the air you can see it
243. Elliptical
244. Weight bars with 20 pounds that you hold over your head and then stretch sideways
245. Bosu Ball for pushups
246. Big purple exercise ball
247. Thick squishy exercise mat that cushions my hip bones
248. P90X, even though it hurts
249. Rowing Machine
250. Hand weights, the kind with skinny handles and a cushiony coating
251. Boxing gloves
252. Boxing bag
253. Stairs for climbing
254. Bench
255. Series of machines for stretching, toning and strengthening every muscle in my body
256. Step for aerobics
257. Roller board/surf board thingie that I can’t actually stand up on
258. Foam pads for planks
259. Weight balls
260. Friends to exercise with and cheer each other on

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