20{4}40 – Education, Odds and Ends

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 
361. Continuing Education, because it means a little time away from my desk and a chance to catch up with peers

362. Texas Floodplain Managers Association Seminar

363. Yummy lunch at TFMA, especially the stuffed chicken

364. Generous sponsors who helped keep the cost down on the yummy lunch

365. Interesting panel discussion about FEMA mapping, floodplain development, current ordinances and laws

366. Seeing old friends

367. Seeing former clients who say “Hey! I have this project….”

368. MicroPaver

369. MicroPaver instruction book, which made it easy to learn and then to teach others

370. New elliptical machine in the gym; well, it’s new to us

371. 3.5 miles ran on new elliptical machine

372. Seeing C.A.S.N. today for a little while today

373. C.A.S.N. coming home for dinner and to borrow paint and brushes to finish a sorority project

374. Getting asked to help apply some paint to the sorority project

375. Knowing that C.A.S.N. is doing wonderfully at college and thriving

376. Tardy Husband, which left me with fifteen unscheduled minutes in which I read chapters in Exodus in preparation for tomorrow’s Bible Study

377. Quiet in the office

378. Running through the hallways at the office like a silly child because there’s nobody here to see

379. Bob the Cat

380. My pillow

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