20{4}40 – Breakfast, Lunch Date, Girls Night Out

401. Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!

402. April Fool’s Day!

403. Finding all the furniture in the house turned UPSIDE DOWN this morning

404. Weight of baby grand saving it from…

405. The absolute silliness of teenage boys

406. Eastside Breakfast Cartel

407. Wonderful Protestant member of cartel who remembered that several of us are Catholic and observe the Lenten fast and made half of the breakfast casserole with just eggs, no sausage.

408. Surprise lunch date with Husband

409. Decaffeinated coffee

410. Excellent tuna salad at Baker Brothers

411. Black bean soup

412. Surprise shopping evening with Princess Pea

413. Finding the perfect prom dress

414. Being wonderfully surprised that the tag-less, unpriced perfect prom dress was a clearance item from the winter collection, marked down to …wait for it…. $50!!!!

415. Accidentally meeting Prince Charming and Queen Charming at the mall and enjoying the company

416. Queen Charming getting to see the perfect prom dress and be in on the excitement, especially because she lives in a house full of boys and never gets to enjoy the girly side of parenting

417. Cheese Pizza

418. Silly wrap pants, coolie hats and manly necklaces at the import store

419. Monkey Hat

420. Turning off the alarm before going to bed

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