No More Tears

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Yes, I know I’ve posted here and elsewhere how it’s about the healthy habits, the exercise, the journey…everything else besides The Number.  I’m a [sometimes] fraud.  Because when that number stalls and stays stalled for daysweeksmonths, it really stinks.  It gets hard to stay positive, and the self incrimination tape starts rolling through your head.  “I’m so fat.  I’m a failure. I can’t do this.”


This time I didn’t quit.  I cried in front of folks at WW. I ranted and raved about the injustice of it all and the unfairness of the struggle.  I hated the scale that just laughed at me and gave me a higher number even when I burned more calories than I ate.

   And I kept going. I exercised.  I counted every bite. I kept going. And this week, after all these weeksmonths, I saw results.  2.6 pounds down.EMail Anglea Pea

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