20{4}40 – Bikes, Breast Cancer and Boobs

Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

521. Sunshine
522. Company Bicycles
523. The brilliant idea of painting my bike helmet pink
524. Bike ride along the Trinity
525. A 2.6 pound loss this week
526. Finally getting off the plateau
527. Persistence
528. Buff Chad for teaching me the proper form for planks, situps and pushups
529. Being able to share my [limited] fitness knowledge with others
530. 5K opportunities
531. Promising to walk with a friend on a 5K in May – walk with her, not run for me
532. Rosemary Olive Oil pretzel crisps
533. Fresh haircut
534. New Style
535. Hair dryer
536. Flat iron
537. Christine’s recovery from breast cancer
538. Her last round of Chemo
539. Her looking forward to new, perkier boobs
540. Being able to laugh with Christine about the thought of new, perkier boobs

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