20{4}40 – The Architect and a Movie

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 
541. Friday at the end of a very long week

542. Looking forward to a movie tonight with the family
543. Understanding Guidance Counselor
544. Uber sweet, overripe grapefruit
545. Flax seed flat bread with peanut butter
546. Coffee (can I be thankful for that every day?)
547. Seeing a movie – in a theater!
The Architect  (and me, if you look closely!)
548. Picking up The Architect’s friends to take them all to the movie
549. A van full of teenage boys
550. Noticing little girls looking at The Architect and Friends and giggling
551. Watching The Architect and Friends interact with their girl friends (Not girlfriends, girl friends)
552. The Architect graciously inviting DirtBike hang with him and Friends
553. The Friends being genuinely great young men
554. Movie theater popcorn
555. Black licorice
556. Skittles for DirtBike
557. Sour rope things for The Architect
558. Hop
559. Visiting with Friends parents at the designated pick up spot
560. Knowing we have a pretty big ‘village’ of like minded parents to accompany us as we raise our children

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