Conversations with the Inner Brat – Insane Errand

Okay.  It’s another beautiful springtime day here in North Central Texas.  I had one important errand to do today, call in DirtBike’s prescrition.  Lunchtime rolls around and as I reach over to pick up the phone to call in the prescription refill, Olivia chimes in.

 Hey!  What are you doing? Hey yourself, Olivia.  I’m about to make a phone call for DirtBike. Ooooh!  I have a scandalously brilliant idea!  The Trinity Trail leads right to Dr. Tom’s parking lot, so lets’ ride the bike there!  Play outside!  Get some EXERCISE!! Olivia, that’s a pretty long ride.  What’s the matter?  Are you chicken? You are.  You ARE!!! You’re afraid you’ll get there and not be able to get back!  HA!!! I’m telling everyone… You know what Olivia?  I think for once you have a pretty good idea. Lucky you, my helmet is in the car and the company bikes are at our disposal.  Let’s do it! …three miles later… Whoa.  Why didn’t you remember that the way to Dr. Tom’s office is uphill and against the wind? I did remember, Olivia.  Think how easy it will be on the way back! …six miles later, coasting down an incline… Wheeeeeeeeeee.e.e.e.e.e.!!!! …8.5 miles later… Now you’re all sweaty and have helmet hair.  Yeah.  Isn’t it grand? 

Trinity Trails…the downhill view!

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2 thoughts on “Conversations with the Inner Brat – Insane Errand

  1. That will teach Oliva to have such great ideas next time. 🙂 Sounds like a fun ride…on the way back!Good job on getting in 8 miles!

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