Oh Frabjous Day!

Jumping for Joy
image courtesy Dale Taylor Photography
See that box at the right? The one called “Today”?  It’s been updated.
For those of you who’ve been keeping track, you know I’ve been plateaued FOREVER.  Almost forever.  I’m staying OP – never eating my weeklies, and working off any points over my dailies.  Gain an ounce, lose an ounce. Run, bike, Zumba my fanny all over the place and the darned scale wouldn’t budge.  Wont’ budge  I tell you.
I was reminded by my WWLeader that not all victories are scale victories (though they can often be the sweetest!) and that I needed to look at the big  shrinking picture.  She urged me to measure myself and track that progress as well. 
Since it’s been ages since I posted the stats on the blog, I pulled out the tape measure and WOW!!! I’ve shrunk!  My overall weight has gone down just a pound or so in the past few months, but my BMI is lower, and my body fat percentage (calculated using circumference measurements all over and caliper measurements of skin folds is 25.0%, firmly at the lower end of normal!  I’m almost considered to be in the “fit” range!!

 I’ve come a long way from obese, baby!EMail Anglea Pea

5 thoughts on “Oh Frabjous Day!

  1. Brilliant! I must remember to do some starting (again) measurements! Sometimes it's so sweet toi think you've stayed the same and then take those measurements and see otherwise!

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