Weigh-In Day and a NSV

Weigh-In Day and I was up a pound, but I’m not upset about it [this week] because Mr. Pea and I attended a scrumptious Auction Dinner, then it was Mr. Pea’s birthday, and over the week I indulged in chocolate Easter eggs, beer, chocolate cake and full on fat chicken cheese enchiladas.  Not together, of course, because everyone knows that beer goes with peanut butter cookies, not chocolate cake. Was it worth it?  YES!!! EVERY BITE!!!

I’m ramping it up this week with exercise and that pound will be history by Tuesday afternoon.

I’m also not upset because of this.  Remember this picture from last fall?  I was just all darned excited that day about rewarding myself with green shoes and I was elated that this brown skirt was too loose. 
I took that skirt in two inches in February.  TWO INCHES.  I pulled it out of my closet last night and ironed it to wear today.  I put it on this morning, pulled the zip and busted out laughing.  It was so loose that it sagged down below the top of my panties. Seriously. However, I was running late and too slacking to iron anything else so I bunched it up with a safety pin at the zip, pulled my top down over it and went on my way. 

I am walking around today with my skirt pinned shut so that it doesn’t fall off.  

How Cool is THAT??

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