Slimmer This Summer Day 2 – Glutton for Punishment

It was hot again today. Really, really hot. So what did I do?  Headed out the door at noon on a bicycle for a quick twelve mile ride!  I had to ride south to pick up DirtBike’s prescription from the pediatrician anyway, and I’m carless for the summer because Cherry Ames and I are carpooling…and I get dropped off first.

So what was spectacular on the ride other than my sweat drenched self?
Standing Cypress!
Ipomopsis rubra
This Texas wildflower stands about three to four feet tall and is electric red.  Seriously, like Day-Glo burn your eyeballs bright red. The shots I took of the whole plat were fuzzy, so I borrowed the one below from so you can see how impressive it is.
this image courtesy
So In Your Face Cheerful!
Sort of like me!

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2 thoughts on “Slimmer This Summer Day 2 – Glutton for Punishment

  1. I love that color. Well, I love red. Purdy!

    Yeah, I can be incredibly in your face cheerful..and I often am these days.

    Good night to you who may be now called “She who stands with the standing crypreses!”

  2. Hey, I’m always getting the urge to run at the park when it’s at least 90…no shade. It just looks so GOOD out there!

    I’m just now following you (through the STS list) and I was so happy to see “Cherry Ames”…I loved those books! Awesome job with the weight…

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