Slimmer This Summer Day 1 – Over the River…

Over the river and through the woods
To the north side I go!!
The wind was NOT blowing today, so I hit the Trinity Trails going north today.  (I usually head south first, into the wind, so that I can coast with the wind coming back when I’m, uh, all winded and tired.)  Going north means ~Whoot!~ I get to ride right over the river!!  That’s a low water crossing to the left, and it’s wide enough to ride across.  You have to be really careful to make that right turn at the bottom of the ramp.
Birds have been having a feast on the crawdads.
Carcassas and broken claws scattered all over the dam.
Once upon a time, I could drive one of these. 
I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten how!

How did it go today?GREAT!  EMail Anglea Pea

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