Hot Hot Hot
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If you’ve seen or heard any sort of weather report in the last few weeks, you know it’s been a particularly hot summer for the midwest states. We’re still sweltering here in north central Texas, but thanks to Tropical Storm Dan swirling around down there in the Gulf of Mexico, we may not actually get to 100 today, only 99.  Ninety Nine is still pretty darned miserable, and tomorrow is back to broiling, AND the predictions for next week are up to 110 and higher regular temperatures…with extra humidity thrown in for insult because of Dan.  Dan couldn’t bring us clouds or rain, just humidity. Stupid Dan.

ONE day? Seriously?

Here’s my take. We’re already over-baked, and the entire state is drought stricken and dry as melba toast. Our lakes levels are quickly dropping, so pretty soon we’ll be fighting over water rights.  The only thing going for us this summer is the idea that we may break all temperature records for all time! So why blow it for just one day that is still so hot and humid it’s ridiculous? If I were the official thermometer reader at the DFW station, I’d go out there, see 99.8 degrees as the official reading and think to myself “That’s close enough” and then write down an even 100.

Just because.

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6 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. Heh. I hear ya. I live in Central Florida, which is freaking humidity central. My central A/C does okay, but I have a window unit out in my computer room (converted porch) that howls in anguish with August’s arrival.

    Inconveniently, that also happens to be where my treadmill and elliptical live. Ouch.

  2. 99.8 is really close to 100, but not there. 🙂 I wonder if that thermometer is just a little bit off! That would account for it! 0.2 degrees!

    Stay cool. If there were more cool people like you in Texas, the heat spell would have no effect.

  3. Hi Angela! I’m with you about the whole “99” thing. Just call it 100. It was probably a hundred right before they looked at the thermostat!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful post you left on my blog. You’re such a sweetheart 🙂 I need to find a zumba class!

    I like that you have your own dot com. That’s pretty cool!

    Keep the faith and keep cool, for sure!

  4. Hope it cools down there for you!!!
    We’re getting hot here too,not as hot as where your at, but hotter than we’re used to.
    I’m ready for snow!!

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