StS Challenge – Day 71 – A [not] Progress Report!

What?  No progress report from Angela Pea??  Nope.  Not last week, not this week.

Why?  Because last report day I was caught up making a presentation then dashing to the airport to hop on a plane and catch up to my family, who had already left for a …wait for it….VACATION!!!!  Thursday was report day, but I had another meeting to attend and missed WW.  So Sunday it is.

I did okay with eating while at the beach…very mindful of portions, fried foods, drinks…but I didn’t get a whole lot of exercise, other than swimming, a few hours of kayaking, and the occasional lifting of my hand to turn the page of the book I was reading while lounging under a beach umbrella.  I didn’t track a thing, just enjoyed the food I chose to eat and the few glasses of wine I chose to drink.

Cherry Ames, Me, and Princess Pea

It was pure bliss.  BLISS I tell you!  This is the first vacation we’ve taken in five years, and I enjoyed every single moment of the absolute luxury of doing nothing.  Nothing.  We unplugged everything.  No laptops were turned on, blackberries were turned off and left in the hotel safe, no iPhones in sight.

So…here’s my week in review.

  • Tracking.  Nope!  None!
  • Eat those Points. Yes!  I’m pretty sure I ate all my points.
  • Earn a minimum of 50 activity points a week. Seriously?  Can I count points for napping under the beach umbrella?  How about sand castle building?  Chasing crabs on a dark beach?  Diving for sand dollars?

Sand Castles

  • Blogging.  Nada!
  • No quitting?  No brainer.  I haven’t quit yet….I just took a week off.
  • Supporting fellow challengers – I fully intend to hop over and visit everyone before Sunday.  Really!
Have a wonderful week, everyone, and stay cool.

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7 thoughts on “StS Challenge – Day 71 – A [not] Progress Report!

  1. It’s great to be able to be mindful about what you’re eating but letting go a bit when on vacation. I think it makes us work a bit harder when we’re home so we can really enjoy those few moments of bliss! 🙂

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