The Christmas Dress Challenge

Today is the kickoff of Mir’s Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge, fourteen weeks to a new Christmas Dress! I’m playing along, because I would love love love to have a new dress. I haven’t had a new fancy dress in many, many years!

PRIORITY #1 “Do-It” : Get a smaller sized dress.
Okay.  Sort of done.  I’m still shopping for a dress.  Actually, I think the dress is the biggest challenge of all, because *gasp*…I hate shopping. I really do.  Malls make me hyperventilate, and little shops are just too pricey.  This is what is currently catching my eye.  I’d put a picture here, but darn if I can figure out how to break the coding on the Dillard’s website viewer thingie to snag the actual picture of the dress.  As for a smaller size, maybe not, because I hit my goal size this month, a size 10. I will commit to a figure hugging dress, though, very different from the drapey size 18 dresses I started with!  I’ll keep this “Do-It” updated as we go along.

DO-IT: Select a caloric daily limit.  All-righty then.  I’m a Weight Watchers fan, so I’ll stick to my points.  29 daily points 49 weeklies.

DO-IT: Exercise a minimum of 3x a week.  Yeah.  Got this!  I already exercise at least five days a week, so I’ll set a goal of 50 activity points per week.  I’ll get those points with biking, Zumba, Boot Camp, Swimming, Running, whatever.  I’m an equal-opportunity exerciser.

DO-IT: Strive to be consistent with healthy challenge habits.  Consistent I am.  Reliable.  Loyal.  Dang, I could be a labrador retriever!

DO-IT: Hydrate sufficiently. I have to work at this.  Most days I’m right on, but there are still times that I let my attention slip and at bedtime I realize that I’ve only had a few glasses of water.  My goal is 64 ounces a day, minimum.  More if it’s hot.  And yes, it’s still blazing hot here.  Summer is persistent this year.

DO-IT: Choose a book and work on your main obstacle-to-losing issue.
Refuse to Regain by Dr. Berkeley.  I am so very, very close to my goal weight, so I need to start prepping my head for maintenance.

DO-It: One initial post on September 11, 2011.  Well look at the date up there.  It’s September 11!!

DO-IT: One update post a week,  Got it.   As the co-pilot and substitute cheerleader, I plan to post weekly over at the Dress Challenge Website as well, showering you with all the advice I can muster.

DO -IT: Link up to your weekly updates.  Yep, I can handle this one, too.

DO-IT:  Be supportive.  THIS I can do.  I can cheer with the best of them, but don’t expect hurkies or splits.

Challenge Youreself.  Keep the Faith.
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17 thoughts on “The Christmas Dress Challenge

  1. I like this challenge. Well, all except the dress wearing part. Probably because I have never liked wearing dresses. But the few times I wore a dress it did feel nice. So since I need to get my butt moving and my hubby has not seen me in a dress in I don’t know how long, I am going to take this challenge. I think looking for a dress may be the hardest part for me.
    I will post this on my fitness blog as soon as I can.
    Thanks for the challenge.
    Sounds like you’re already ahead of the game for this one. 🙂

  2. Maybe I haven’t been successful because I’m doing this backwards… I thought I bought the dress after I lost the weight, so I’d know what fits my new shape better. I think I’ll start shopping.

  3. Dress is lovely! In Chrome I can right click “Save image as…”, but if that’s not an option you can also hit Print Screen on your keyboard to capture whatever is on your screen at the moment, then use any imaging program (MS paint, Irfanview’s a really good free one, etc.) and either Edit -> Paste or just use the shortcut “Ctrl + V” to paste it in there. Crop it, save it, upload it, and voila! /geek off : )

  4. Congrads on being so close to GW. Maintainence is hard….In 1994 I lost weight with WW to within 15 pounds of my GW………I regained it plus more over these last 17 years. I’ll be interested in hearing what you think of your book….though it will be a while until i’m ready for it.

  5. Thanks for your comment at my blog! I can´t imagine already being at goal weight, but good for you!! What a great way to stick to it, joining a challenge. I´ll have to remember that, down the road.

  6. Very cute dress!! We can do this It is going to be a bit hectic counting points and calories but hey it might make us lose more and faster. I am here if you need anything. I wish you had a follow button I dont check my email often 😦

  7. Very nice dress! I find it so much easier to stick with my daily points than with counting calories especially when I go out to eat so that’s what I’ll be doing too, though I’ll make food choices that I know will keep me under 1,600 calories.

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