An Interesting Observation

An interesting observation…in Zumba class today, I was in a different position in the room, and I could see my backside reflected in the mirrors. I didn’t recognize myself.  Seriously. There were no rolls on my back, even at the bra line. When I shook my salsa bootie, it looked, well, regular sized. I could see muscle definition in my shoulders and thighs. The cellulite in my thighs has smoothed out, thank you thousands of miles on the bicycle.

A different perspective

Look at yourself from a different perspective.  Keep the Faith.

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6 thoughts on “An Interesting Observation

  1. NSV are awesome. It’s not my backside that needs the help, that tummy is. Working at it but not sure I’d want the mirror to show me it all yet. You are doing great and you look so great. YEAH!!!
    Take carea and have a blessed evening.

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