We Did It. Rah.

Did what?

Beat a record.Hot Hot Hot

Today is day seventy of 100 degree temperatures.  SEVENTY DAYS my friends, seventy days. This has not only been the hottest summer every recorded, we have now had more 100 degree days in a single summer season than at any other time since weathermen started keeping records.

I’m not completely sure it’s something to cheer about.

Guadalupe River
Ranch in Beeville, Texas; photo by Michael Stravato for the New York Times

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7 thoughts on “We Did It. Rah.

  1. Gee…and I thought we had it bad. 63 days here when the previous record was 50. Rain, Rain don’t go away…come again today…pls.

  2. Hey, Angela, i cannot believe YOU FOUND THE EXACT STYLE OF RED DRESS I was looking for–that was the style I had first had in mind but couldn’t find it online. It’s gorgeous, neh?

    Anyway, I sent the invite to add you to the xmas blog!! Did you get the email? My email is on the right sidebar of Happy Weight After….if you need to email directly.

  3. And to think our first frost was about 8 days earlier then any time before. And it’s only 52* today. How about we split your temps. I take and extra 30* and you give it to me. I’d be happy in the 80*s and I bet you’d love the 70’s for a day or two or week or more.
    Take care and have a blessed afternoon.

  4. Answering you question, yes we compost but a bit differently, it goes in the front of the chicken and comes out the back and then we put that into the garden. :o)
    You are so funny and I love it when you stop by. Take care and have a blessed afternoon.

  5. I just moved to Alabama, and I thought it was bad here! Luckily we’ve had quite a few nice days in the past week. I hope the weather breaks for you soon, that’s awful!

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