Christmas Dress Challenge – Week One – Happy Dance!

Happy Dance! Happy Dance!

This week I weighed in at 157.2 pounds.  THAT, friends, is the absolute lowest Post Offspring weight I’ve ever weighed.  Understand how significant this is:  my oldest child is now in college; the baby will turn fourteen in a few weeks.

So how’d I do this week?

PRIORITY #1 “Do-It” : Get a smaller sized dress. This is still only sort of done.  I went back to the website to actually buy that red dress from last week, and it’s only available in a size 2.  Who the heck wears a size 2?  Really?  So I’m on a quest for a red dress. I DID disassemble a size 14 suit and put it back together as a size 10 this week.  I praise my Mother’s Name every time I tackle a project like this, eternally grateful that she taught me how to sew.

DO-IT: I’m a Weight Watchers fan, so I’ll stick to my points, 29 daily points 49 weeklies.  This week I stayed at my daily allowance, and only ate extra points if I earned them with activity.

DO-IT: Earn 50 activity points a week.  Got this!  Exercised six days – biking, Zumba and a quick pickup game of basketball with The Architect.  He kicked my tail, because I couldn’t get a ball in the basket to save my life.  I earned 53 activity points this week.

Week of 9.12 Progress Report

DO-IT: Consistency.  Consistent I was this week.  No binges, no slacking on exercise.  I enjoyed some extra points on Friday, but exercised them off within 48 hours.

DO-IT: Hydrate.  Done!

DO-IT: Read a book. I purchased Refuse to Regain, but it was only available through Amazon in the Kindle format.  I haven’t made time yet to hack the file and convert it so I can read it on the nook.  I suppose I could read it on the iPad, but I’d have to pry it away from the husband and offspring.

DO-IT: One update post a week.  Okay…I’m giving myself credit for posting at the Christmas Dress Countdown site.

DO-IT: Link up to your weekly updates.  Done.

DO-IT:  Be supportive.  Okay – I could so seriously overdo this, but I have a job that takes priority.  And a family that includes offspring who need help with homework.  And I teach an engineering course at the university.

Cheer for Yourself.  Keep the Faith.
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14 thoughts on “Christmas Dress Challenge – Week One – Happy Dance!

  1. Thanks for co-piloting AND being exemplary this week. I am happy-dancing with you. That’s a wonderful weight. Hey, that’s lower than my goal weight! And I haven’t been that weight you are now since…the mid-eighties. LIke 1985 or so. Older than your kids.

    I bet you’re gonna kill it week 2, also!

    And so sorry the dress wasn’t available. I loved it. Loved the style and color. If I hadn’t already gotten the dress I got, I would have seriously wanted to get THAT one. Hope you find a great one….

  2. yahoo Angela! How wonderful that you are doing so well! But a bummer on the red dress! And it is great that you know how to resize your clothes! That is a big help. I thank my old home ec teacher from Jr high who taught me the basics of sewing – important skills to know for sure. I am in on your challenge. Having gone back to work, I am majorly stressed out and stress = eating to me, so I have really had to watch it. I want to loose 10 lbs by Christmas, but if I can do 15, I’ll be even happier and be at my goal again. So much work to get it off! So easy to put it back on.

  3. Congratulations on the new low weight!! It’s so exciting to hit milestones like that 😀

    The dress is only available in a size 2? Eeeek!!! I don’t think I could ever fit into a size 2 of that cut. My ribcage is small and at my lowest healthy weight I could *maybe* do a size 2 in something with a fitted top and flared skirt (MAYBE), but never a sheath. Who are these women?

  4. Yay, that loss is awesome! Good luck finding a new dress that you like even better! 🙂 (You’d think stores would get the hint that the only sizes left are the ones no one actually wears, but noooo haha.)

  5. Terrific my friend. That is amazing, wonderful and totally awesome. Such a great week 1 and that weight is …. well just WOW!! Keep up the great work.
    Take care and have a blessed week.

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