Happy Birthday to Me!

Did I celebrate with cake?  No.

Did I celebrate with ice cream? No.

Will I celebrate by going out to dinner and consuming adult beverages and lots of Mexican food?  No adult beverages, but only because it’s a Wednesday-School-I Have To Go To Work Tomorrow Night. *wink*

How did I celebrate?  With a fifteen mile bike ride that ended at the shoe store for a new pair of running shoes!  Not that I do a lot of running any more – more biking and speed walking – but I wear special running shoes for all activity because I have extreme overpronation in my stride. In layman’s terms, that means my ankles roll inward way more than what is considered normal. I buy shoes with built up insteps and inner heels to keep my stride steady.  Makes a world of difference in keeping the knee and hip pain at bay.

New Shoes!
Ah...Fresh New Bouncy Shoes!

I saw this today during my ride.

Love My Job!
And I think inspecting sewers is a scary job description...

There’s a new highway being constructed through Fort Worth.  This will be a  bridge column eventually.  Today it’s just a set of forms with reinforcing steel inside them.  There’s a [brave] guy braced between the two halves about 30 feet off the ground, supporting his weight with his feet, bolting the sides of the form in place while it dangles from the crane over his head.  Sheesh…

Celebrate with Family and Friends, and New Shoes, not food.  Keep the Faith.

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9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. What an excellent way to spend your birthday. Happy birthday my friend. A 15 mile bike ride is awesome. I hate bike riding though once in awhile I’ll go mountain biking with Mike. You go girl. And I love those shoes. I am still in the need of a pair, someday soon I hope.
    Take care and again Happy Birthday!!! Blessings!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND CONGRATULATIONS! That’s a major step. I know I told my family this year that I wanted no crap at my birthday. My indulgence was gourmet chocolate, handmade locally. And I lost weight on my birthday week. 🙂

    We all already know what cake tastes like. 10 minutes of numsy and then how much guilt? Not worth it. No guilt from how YOU celebrated–only progress.

    May this year be your best ever. Be well….

  3. Happy birthday! That is an absolutely wonderful way to celebrate, you should be super proud of yourself! And the lemon laces on your new sneaks are super cute. 🙂

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Doesn’t seem right there was no cake and ice cream but as long as you made up for it with shoes I guess it’s ok. Enjoy!

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