Christmas Dress Challenge – Week Two – Holding Steady!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

Slow and Steady
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This week I weighed in at 157.7 pounds, a 0.5 pound gain.  I’m still fitting comfortably in a size 10, no tight waists (some are even loose) or constricting sleeves or legs.  This is the reality of the weight loss venture, up, down, up, down, down, up, up, down and down. We really have to focus on the L..O..N..G term results which in my case are ultimately down. Way down from my all time high of 223 pounds.

So how’d I do this week?

PRIORITY #1 “Do-It” : Get a smaller sized dress. No progress still, other than knowing exactly what I want. There’s a world of dresses out there, and yes, I will get the red on that makes my head spin with giddy happiness.  What I DID do this week is purge my closet.  Because this time is the final time, I’ve been giving away my large clothes. I’m not keeping them in the attic ‘just in case’.  I am banning them from my life.

DO-IT: I’m a Weight Watchers fan, so I’ll stick to my points, 29 daily points 49 weeklies. This week I stayed within my daily allowance, and only ate extra points if I earned them with activity.

DO-IT: Earn 50 activity points a week.  Got this!  Exercised six days – biking, Zumba, walking and some situps, pushups and one (ONE) pull up.  I earned 52 activity points this week.

DO-IT: Consistency.  Consistent I was this week.  No binges, no slacking on exercise.  I enjoyed some extra points again this week with a hamburger and chicken marsala, but I worked off the extra points within 48 hours.

DO-IT: Hydrate.  Done!

DO-IT: Read a book. I purchased Refuse to Regain, but it was only available through Amazon in the Kindle format.  I’ve started converting the file, and plan to start reading it tonight.

DO-IT: One update post a week.  I’m still giving myself credit for posting at the Christmas Dress Countdown site, and I posted here, too. Good Me.

DO-IT: Link up to your weekly updates.  Done.

DO-IT:  Be supportive.  Yes!  I’ll see you all this week, too!

Slow and Steady.  Keep the Faith.
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13 thoughts on “Christmas Dress Challenge – Week Two – Holding Steady!

  1. Yes, slow and steady does win the race. Keep doing everything you’re doing and keep sticking to those small goals. They will all pay off. I need to listen to my own words. LOL

    You are doing great and staying strong. Thanks for all the comments on my blog. You’re the best! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a good week…right on program. I don’t know what your goal is but I do know that the closer you get to your WW goal the more up and down people seem to have….then they would usually break thru and get down there. I know I would get my hand slapped for this….but many of the people I know had to cut their points a bit lower to get there……then they would increase back if needed to keep their weight/activity steady.

  3. You´re right. It´s up and down, but ultimately down. Hopefully it will be like that for me too. You have done so well and you are inspiring to me!

  4. Hey – you have a Grrreat attitude! I’ve read about getting rid of fat clothes too, and did it once. Then I had to buy them all back 6 months later. Bummer. I don’t plan to do that ever again – regain, I mean. I’m only a few weeks into this, have only lost 11 pounds, but some of my big pants are already too big! Yay! Double Yay!

  5. You’re doing great. A job well done. Keep up the great work and keep the comments and inspiring post coming. Love them all. Take care and have a blessed week.

  6. That is fantastic about sorting through your clothes. No being afraid of regains; deciding it will not happen instead… that is incredibly inspiring and awesome! Good luck finding your perfect dress, it’s out there somewhere I know it. 🙂

  7. Great week Good job! 52 AP’S is awesome I cant seem to find an exercise that give a good amount of AP’s I do these intense work outs for 2 AP’s lol Keep up the good work and you will find that pretty red dress soon!

  8. So how many points is that one chin-up worth? 2, I’d hope. You look great and I’m proud of you. I’m glad to have your wit on-line since i don’t get to see you enough anymore.

  9. I need to purge the large sizes for good too. My problem is that some of the clothes I really like & an sad to see them go. If I could sew maybe I could take them in some & keep them around a little longer:-) Weight loss is a daily struggle I guess… to lose the weight, to keep it off & to stick to it all… you are proof that it can be done:-)

    1. I KNOW!! Some dresses and suits I just love love love, but tailoring them down more than four sizes is beyond even my considerable sewing skills. I will bless someone else with them.

  10. So so true. It took me so long to realize slow and steady is how you keep it off. Good job keeping up with it and I know you’ll see a big loss soon. It may creep over time or happen all at once, but you have the right idea and that’s an excellent foundation. See you next week!

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