E2E Challenge – Week 3 – Holding Steady

Steady is as steady goes.

When I was a kid, my Mom always said that to me, usually when I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to wrap up some assignment or project. Steady defines my week.  No loss, no gain.  Except for an amazing NSV.  The Architect and I rode 30 miles yesterday – THIRTY MILES!  Took me three hours and 10 minutes.  It’s a good thing we went riding yesterday because today?  Today was INSANELY windy.  I’m talking about 40 mph steady winds. This is wind so strong that it was delaying flights at DFW.  Then, we got a taste of Lubbock and Amarillo, literally a taste.  Ack-ptooey.  We had a genuine dust storm this afternoon, the kind that blocks out the sun, makes everyone cough and sneeze and coats the tongue with grit.  We usually have these in the spring, not in January.

Here’s the prescribed update for Week Three.

1. Item of clothing and a picture of me.  Nope, Still not done.  I’ve delegated this to my daughter Princess Pea.  She has to find Mom a dress before Easter.

2. Weight This Week: 159.9. Waist 31″. Exactly the same.  *sigh*

3. Goal Recap

Shed Five Pounds:  It’s coming. Eventually.

Do Five Pullups:  Just one this week, but it’s one more than I could do a few weeks ago.

Firm Up the Arms:  Yes again.  I can see muscles in my arms!!  Well, of course they were always there, but now I can actually see some serious definition. Pushups?  150, but not all at once.

4. Books

Refuse to Regain.  I’m reading the chapters on how the food industry is specifically programmed to sell us unhealthy food, lots of it.  Makes me mad, and even more convinced that I’m in the right for refusing to eat fast food.

I continued to read along with Jenny at  A Minute Captured.  Reading my Bible is proceeding.

5. Catch up with the Challenge Buddy.  Hey Jo!! Yep.  She and I are both busy, but I did manage to pop by her blog a few times this week.

7. Visit Other Challengers:  I didn’t get around to as many blogs as I wanted to last week.  Offspring and work took a lot of my attention. I continue to pray over you who need praying over, and to cheer you all on!

8. I do hereby solemnly swear to NOT QUIT.  Amen.

Stay Steady. Keep the Faith.

EMail Anglea Pea

5 thoughts on “E2E Challenge – Week 3 – Holding Steady

  1. 30 MILES!!!?? That´s insane. You must be so in shape and your legs must be so strong. Awesome!!
    Those dust storms sound so much like our north winds that we get in the winter time. Don´t miss them in the least…

  2. Excellent job on the 30 miles! I used to love to ride bikes and have been thinking about getting back into that when the weather gets better here. Dust storms sound horrible, the weather has been so strange lately, I hope things are getting better so you can get back to riding:-)

  3. Haha, Angela, you posted so late, I thought I was going to have to dream one up and post it for you, Buddy!

    Thirty miles? Makes my legs hurt to think about this old body doing that. But I used to, and really enjoyed it.

    Holding steady is good. Maybe you’re getting ready to start thinking about maintenance?

    Have a great week!

  4. One push is a great push up. I like that your daughter is looking for your dress, that’s a cool idea. Can’t wait to see what she picks. That was an AWESOME ride on Saturday. I am very proud of you Angela, VERY!!!
    Take care and have a blessed week!

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