Conversations With the Inner Brat – Crazy

Why do you keep doing this?  I mean, you’ve been doing an excellent job of maintaining for months, but you haven’t lost any more weight.

I know, Olivia.  It stinks.

Seriously!  You just got out of an hour-long class where Mr. Bryan made you swing weights, do squats and a bazillion push-ups. You also have bruises on your arms from the kettle bells, and all that work isn’t making you any lighter!

Class is fun, Olivia, and it was only eighty push ups. I’m building some core strength and toning my muscles.  Don’t my biceps look great?

So what.  

We can’t give up. We have to keep fighting.

Fighting!  Like hitting and biting and scratching? I can do that!

I’m sure you can, Olivia, but there will be no biting and scratching.  It messes up teeth and manicures.  Hitting?  You can do that, but only with punching bags or for practicing self-defense with Mr. Bryan if he’s wearing the padded suit. Or for bad guys if we ever meet them.

But you said Fighting!!  I’m mad about all this work and I want to fight. Kick. Scream. Slap someone silly.

It means we will be persistent, Olivia.  Stubborn, mule-headed.  We will keep on eating sensibly and exercising until we are the healthiest us we can be. No matter what the scale says.

Olivia, Leading the WayOkayFine.  You’re crazy, you know.  Why the heck did you go and sign up for a 50 Mile Bike Race?  It’s off in the middle of nowhere on unmarked country lanes.  I’ll have to be the guide and we’re going to get LOST!

Come On, Olivia!  You know The Architect really wanted to do this race, and because I’m a responsible parent, I signed up with him.  We’ll go out this weekend and drive the course to be sure it isn’t too terrible. Besides, I’m pretty sure Mr. Pea will come along and play Sag Vehicle while The Architect and I race. Oh, and there’s always GPS!!

Be crazy brave. Keep the Faith.

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4 thoughts on “Conversations With the Inner Brat – Crazy

  1. Love these conversations. Mine yells at me all the time. Sometimes the good stuff but sometimes it’s right!!
    Take care Angela and have a blessed week.!!

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