W.I.D.E. – What I Didn’t Eat Today

It was a crazy morning at the Pea household.  I was late rolling out of bed.  It’s raining.  Whiskey Bob (cat) got out of the house and I had to chase him down. In the rain.  (Um, he has CH, and as such, can’t run very well.  He’s basically Hawk Bait outdoors.) I managed to pack my and Mr. Pea’s lunches, but I ran out of time to scramble eggs for breakfast.  Mr. Pea and the kids don’t mind – they all grab granola bars and instant breakfast.  Me, not such a good choice, as the granola bars are the peanut butter kind and instant breakfast = all sorts of extraneous calories.    So I leave the house, with a grumbling stomach.

I drop DirtBike off at school and start the gauntlet run to the office.  I have to drive past the following:

How DARE they tempt me?

How DARE they try to thwart my efforts to shrink my fanny?

How does this end?  I get to work and eat half a can of Progresso light chicken soup from my desk drawer.  *sigh*  It’s a good way to start the day.

Say No to Snarfage Temptation.  Keep the Faith.

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4 thoughts on “W.I.D.E. – What I Didn’t Eat Today

  1. YEAH!!! Extra goodness is coming your way. That was the perfect way to fix a morning that got messed up. I fixed scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, one thin slice of ham and one half slice of cheese. Still a bit hungry but sure not dying. Proud of you Angela. Have a great and blessed day!!

  2. Society is set up to tempt the hell out of us. It’s not a safe world for food junkies. Not at all. Sometimes, I get a whiff of pizza baking on my walk, and I have to tell myself, “Yeah, just enjoy the smell. The aroma is enough. Enjoy it. But don’t buy it!” Or a barbecue place’s roasting fat on the coals smell. OMG. Ah, well…we fight on. YOU done good. 😀

  3. I’m with you on the Progresso soup. I have it several times a week. The temptation is everywhere. Husband has Cheetos on his shelf in the pantry. And Peppermint Patties. Heart-shaped! At least it’s not my trigger foods, pizza and Ro-Tel cheese dip! Good job in avoiding the temptation to put fat on your fanny!

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