Happy Day!

Why?  Because I now have access to CROSSFIT!!!

Yep.  We’re starting a Crossfit class here at work, two days a week.  Whoot!  I just finished my first session, totally rocking everything, even the TEN pullups.  Now don’t get all excited…I used a bad-azz elastic band to help pull myself up.  🙂  I think I did okay, considering that I didn’t work out on Monday or Tuesday of this week.

It’s been an exciting week here in north central Texas!  First the amazing bike ride on Sunday, which led to a couple Advil filled days.  Didn’t I promise pictures?

Why Yes, Yes I Did. 

That’s the amazing scrape I earned sliding down the bike path.  It’s all scabbed over now and starting to itch like mad as the new skin grows.  The bruises, however, still look pretty gnarly.  I won’t share those, as the worst are on my backside. 

Northshore Bike Trail, Grapevine Texas





This is the amazing trail where I was riding.  This is NOT the hill where I fell.  Isn’t it pretty? I successfully navigated this little section.  In fact, I successfully navigated the remaining 9 miles and 2,590 feet of the trail on Sunday.  It was that one little fifty foot long stretch that gave me fits.  And scrapes.

 On Tuesday afternoon, we had tornadoes!

Lancaster, Texas. About 40 minutes east of my office as the crow flies. Image Courtesy National Weather Service

My offspring spent the afternoon in lockdown at their respective schools, heads tucked in and texting Mom and Dad furiously for reassurance that it would all be okay.  Thank you, teachers, for allowing our younger kids to have their phones and for letting them contact us during the worst of the storms.  It made us all feel better.  And Praise Heaven – our county out to the west was spared serious damage this time around.  We continue to hold our neighbors to the east up in prayer as they work through the labyrinth of insurance adjustment and makes plans to rebuild their homes.

Oh! Guess What?  I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and now own an iPhone.  My beloved pre got blasted to pieces when I fell on it Sunday, and they don’t make them anymore. 😦  Blackberry is no longer going to sell phones as a retailer, only as a wholesale supplier to companies, businesses, etc. My ‘official’ two year upgrade date is actually in May, but I told my amazing bike crash story to the guy at the AT&T store, showed him my scrapes and the broken phone, and then I begged for mercy.  He changed my upgrade date to April so the phone was practically free.  As in less than 50 cents. Which is actually absurd, isn’t it?

Weight?  Still the same.  Attitude?  Definitely Sassy today, because I’m taking off tomorrow and Monday to spend some time with God during the Easter Triduum, as well as share some quality time with the kids cleaning out closets and pulling more weeds from the gardens.

 Weather the Storms.  Keep the Faith.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Day!

  1. I’m so glad the tornadoes missed you. I thought about you and hoped you weren’t near. But 40 miles is too close for comfort, isn’t it? You will love the new phone. And what a deal! Crossfit. I would love to try it. But…I live too far in the country to make it worth it to drive 30 or 40 miles, or more, for class. Someday. You don’t look too worse for wear, but I know you have been sore and bruised. Yay for Advil, couldn’t live without it!

  2. Oh you are so adorable! First, let me say I thank God you are all alright, and we are keeping your neighbors in our prayers. God will deliver them from this storm. I had to laugh about the iPhone because up until this past November I had a little flip phone, and you know its bad when your 9 yr. niece makes fun of your phone because hers is better…lol. So, the boyfriend got me one and trust me, you will LOVE it. You will wonder how you managed all this time without it. And finally, yeay for Crossfit! I am going to check out a class next week with my besty, so we’ll see if I take the plunge! Good luck with the class!

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