E2E Challenge – Happy Easter!

He is Risen!

Happy Easter! It’s been a wonderful, lazy day here in Texas.  We got home from mass, and ate breakfast out on the deck.  I intended to spend some time this afternoon pulling weeds from the front flower beds, but dang if it didn’t start raining! It drizzled all day long, so we watched movies, pulled out craft projects, napped and read all day long.

Pea Family Portrait!

Final Wrap Up

1. Item of clothing and a picture of me. I already had a dress, and it fits. You’ve seen it. The clothing above?  Medium linen sweater, size 10 skirt.  Exactly where I want to be, even if the weight number isn’t.

2.  Final weight – exactly the same as when I started.  My goal was to lose five pounds.  I lost a pant size instead. Which is really okay, even if the number didn’t go down.

3. Goal Recap: Pullups and Arm Toning – Totally happened during the challenge.  I did ten pullups last week with the aid of a band, and will continue to work on full pullups through the year.  Arm strength certainly improved.  I can lift and press some genuine weight now that I couldn’t do a few months ago.  I’ve noticed some serious strength improvement, especially when biking.  My breathing can still use help with an occasional hit on the inhaler, but I have no problems pushing my own weight up hills.

4. Books

End of Overeating. Done!!  I’m going to put some of the suggestions to work over the next few months and continue to work at losing a few more pounds.

5. Catch up with the Challenge Buddy.  Not yet, but I will.  And we’re in the summer challenge together, so I’m afraid she’ll have to put up with me following her longer.

6. I met some truly wonderful people during this challenge, and am delighted that we’re going to stay in touch.

7. I did not quit.  I’m a pretty obstinate and persistent person when I put my mind to it.

Take On a Challenge.  Keep the Faith.

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4 thoughts on “E2E Challenge – Happy Easter!

  1. You look great Angela and have a good looking family! Thanks for the great support during this challenge! I will be continuing to read your blog. Happy Easter!

  2. Most awesome pictures there Angela. I love family pictures. I wish Jim was into them a bit more often then 3 times in 30 years. You are getting stronger and stronger by the way, that is so cool. Keep up the great work.
    Take care and Good luck on your next challenge. Blessings my friend!

  3. You look so happy. It’s wonderful! 🙂 And DOWN a pant size. That says that you, lady, have been building some great muscle and working hard on toning. I think that is AWESOME. 🙂

  4. Great ending pic there, beatuiful:-) You are an encouragement on the exercise front and keeping up the maintaining while being so dang busy, you show that it definitely can be done!

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