PSA#10 – Consistency

consistency [kuhn-sis-tuhn-see]

n. pl. consistencies

1. Agreement or logical coherence among things or parts; correspondence among related aspects; compatibility.
2. Reliability or uniformity of successive results or events
3. Degree of density, firmness or viscosity.

Why is consistency so important in getting healthy and staying there?  Why is it important to ANY challenge you take on? Because it works.

Check out the definition above. Consistency means agreement among parts/compatibility, reliability and firmness. When we’re talking about weight loss and finding your healthy self, consistency is your power tool.

Compatibility – Are you compatible with yourself? I mean, Can you get your head, your heart and your body all going in the same direction at the same time? Yes, it’s a challenge for most of us on any given day, but it can be done. Your body wants to be healthy and strong – that’s how it was formed. Your mind is an amazing motivator. Encourage yourself! Look in the mirror and say “Hot Dang, Girlfriend! You’re BEAUTIFUL!!”

(Aside…your mind can also an incredible destroyer. Stop bashing yourself! Go read this.)

Are you being reliable? I’m not talking about having the exact same loss posted every week and eating exactly 1200 calories per day with a precisely measured 100 oz. cup of water. I mean the kind of reliable that you build by developing habits that will ensure your own weight loss success. Can you rely on yourself to make the right food choice, to drink [water] like there’s no tomorrow, to move your body, to love yourself enough to fight for your life?

Firmness. Not your mattress, your head. Mental Tough. Tough enough to say no to garbage food, tough enough to exercise when you don’t want to. Tough enough to walk away from a donut. I wasn’t simply being flippant when I typed “…love yourself enough to fight for your life;” this is seriously a fight for your life. Don’t buy it? What is obesity doing for you? Nothing but destroying your pancreas and making you insulin resistant. Nothing but putting excessive pressure on your heart and lungs. Nothing but sucking the life right out of you. It’s killing you slowly. Me? I’m not ready to die.

It’s time to FIGHT, my friends! Time to put on the armor of Consistency, get out there and fight for our health. It’s time to make a plan and track what you eat. It’s time to get off your behind and move, Move, MOVE!! Get that heart pumping, sweat until your panties are dripping and build up some strength.

You’ve got to get stronger because this is a long, uphill climb, and it will take its toll on you, both mentally and physically. You’ve got to get stronger because time is not on your side, and Life will jump up and throw hurdle after hurdle after hurdle in your path. You’ve got to get stronger because me and everyone else that follows your story aren’t going to be satisfied until you reach your goals. ~ Jack Sh*t

(Ahem. I’m sort of liking the Xena Viking Warrior look. Do you think it’s available in pink?)

Be a Warrior. Keep the Faith.

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2 thoughts on “PSA#10 – Consistency

  1. Consistency – it really is the key – what’s that saying “it’s not what you can do once, it’s what you will do every day that matters”.

    And I could totally see you in gauntlets and epaulettes!

  2. For a second I thought that was you! And you can stop with writing the PSA’s to ME.

    Sometimes I really do think, ” How does she know I did/didn’t do that?” So okay, I will write “consistency” and tape it on my mirror. Thanks for putting the spark under my butt! 😉

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