Friday’s Letters – July 27

friday's letters

Dear Killian – May God Bless you abundantly all the days of your life.  You not only stepped once to save a stranger’s life, but when asked to donate marrow again for the same young woman, you said yes. If only we could all say yes with such abandon and heartfelt good will.

Dear Architect – Good job on the Bike Restoration.  It looks marvelous.  Better still, the brakes and gears work again.  You Rock.

Dear Random Van on I20 – Oh MERCY!!  Thank you for the gut-busting, rib-splitting laugh.   It was just what I needed after spending many sweltering hours tromping around a job site and hunting down a sewer line in the middle of overgrown poison ivy.  PARENTAL WARNING – Know that the signage on the back of the van is in questionable taste (literally) so beware when you click the photo for a larger image.  And?  Who eats baboon legs? Or ‘Eliphant Ribs’?

Dear Summertime – I love you.  You’re fun.  You’re carefree.  You have lots of extra daylight that lets the Pea Family play outside with bikes and kayaks and such.  But now you’re getting annoying in your persistent baking of my brain cells. You may creep away and let Autumn come early. Thank You.

Dear Windowsill Dove’s Mate – Thank you for the photo ops!  You’re not quite as reactive as Windowsill Dove. Where she literally sits on those babies if I come near, you  tend to behave like a human Dad, standing protectively to the side and letting the kids figure out what they can do on their own.

Dear Windowsill Dove Baby – I love how you look so scraggly and wise, all at the same time.

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3 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – July 27

  1. You know what I found the funniest of all………the Chili’s and McDonald signs in the back ground! Yeah, I might consider being a vegetarian with that guy around!

  2. Oh great point Kellie! Again Angela, always great Friday Letters…and yes I agree that it rocks that the gears and brakes work. I don’t know much about bikes, but I know enough to know those parts are important!

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