Minutes – July 30


Praying for

  • Daughters, as they continue packing their belongings to move to college.
  • Sons, that they find patience and peace during the next few weeks of transition.  They already miss their sisters.
  • Kevin, that he finds work soon.
Grateful for
  • bicycles
  • sandwiches
  • leftovers
  • Cherry Ames’ new job!
  • oxy clean


My last A1c was 5.1!!  That my friends, is the result of years of hard work, healthy eating and working out like a crazy woman.


ugh.  All creative cells have gone into hibernation until the weather cools off.  Except for a few quirky ones that are working on a knitted pig. Yes, a pink, knitted piggy.  It’s a test knit for a pattern designer.


The lineup this week includes

  • Pulled Pork Sandwiches
  • Grilled pizzas
  • Blackened Tilapia with Rice Pilaf
  • Chicken Fajitas
  • Pancakes – because DirtBike has been asking for breakfast for dinner for several weeks now
  • Bean Burritos


Our weekend ride at Tour de Cure was AMAZING!  We ended up riding the 32 mile route, as the temperatures were creeping quickly into the triple digits.

::looking ahead

Oh Mercy.  The back to school and off to college madness continues.  DirtBike gets his  braces on this morning.  Princess Pea and Cherry Ames have started packing, so there are bins, boxes and piles lined up through the living room and dining room.

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8 thoughts on “Minutes – July 30

    1. A1c is lab test that gives an indication of how well a diabetic person is keeping their blood sugar in control. 5.1 is well within the “normal” range for a non-diabetic person. It doesn’t mean that I no longer have the disease, though. It just means that I am able to keep it controlled – sort of like remission.

  1. “Eating healthy and working out like a crazy woman.” Good for you . That’s been my M.O. for lots of years totally by the grace of God. I keep trying to pull it off…even as I get older. +

  2. Good for you…I am glad you explained the code : )

    You have the best menus…really…maybe you should plan a week ahead and we all can share LOL!

    Prayers with the college preparations…been there…there now!~

  3. Good for you on the A1c, Angela! Sometimes we think we are doing this for nothing, but THAT is proof. A house with no girls? BooHoo. Great pic with your family and all your official gear on for the Tour – great companionship shows.

  4. was thinking it would be nice to have a recipe section perhaps over at Suscipio? Your menu does sound yum! I am so glad your diabetes is being manageable!! It is tough to live with, my sister in law has diabetes.

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