Friday’s Letters – September 28

friday's letters

Dear Work Computer –  You are getting on my nerves with your constant display of the Blue Donut of Death.  I am so tempted to toss you out the window, but if I did, you’d probably bounce and crash into the back of my car.

Dear Creepy Crawly Thing That Was Wandering Around Sunday’s Race Site – Oh My.  Am I brave for getting this close to you?  Nope, not at all.  That’s the beauty of super zoom lenses.  DirtBike is brave.  He’s the one holding the stick you’re sitting on. 

Dear Unknown Artist – Thank you for the beautiful mural you painted in Calvert, Texas. It’s especially wonderful now with the sun-kissed faded colors and the beautiful texture of the brick pushing through.

Dear Elvis – Holy Cow!  You’re in the building!  Your vocals were amazing, and the evening was the most fun I’ve had in forever.  The fact that you were performing in my favorite local brewery and they had my favorite beer (Buffalo Butt) on tap only made the evening better.

Dear Architect – Wow!  Your current ranking in the off road cycling world is super duper cool.  I’m very proud of you.    

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5 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – September 28

  1. Wow, you got to meet Elvis. At my nieces wedding several years ago, after the actual ceremony, the minister (you, you got it is an Elvis impersonator) morphed into Elvis and they had a little re-do, Elvis style on a houseboat. It was quite hilarious, to say the least. Needless to say, this was not a Catholic wedding! Ha 😉

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