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Minutes – September 24


Praying for

  • The Tatum Family…my coworker Tommy Tatum died yesterday evening after complications from surgery.  Please hold his wife and daughters up in prayer.
  • The Rodriguez Family…my friend Katy lost her husband last week. They had just celebrated their 25th anniversary at mass a few weeks ago.  Please remember Katy and their four children.
  • My sister and brother in law, for safe travels to Europe
Grateful for
  • My own family, that they are healthy and strong
  • opportunities for play this past weekend instead of doing nothing but chores.  Yes, I rode my bicycle over that!!  Managed it just great, thank you, then promptly clipped a tree a half mile down the trail and went flying into the brush. *sigh*


A few bike rides this week, [more] veggies at the dinner table, getting hydrated because it’s hot again!


I set aside my scarf to work on knitting a Christmas present for my Mom. It’s so pretty!  If you’re reading this, Mom, that’s all the clues you’re getting.  It’s knitted and pretty.

DirtBike is almost finished that V-22 model for his history fair project.  Mercy.  I’ll never understand how a boy can be so messy when it comes to his room and belongings, but can paint the finest, tiniest details that are perfectly neat, authentic and impressive!

The Architect has been working on a popsicle stick crane for his Engineering class.  This is version 2.0…his team is hoping to support many equivalent tons of weight today.

This is so Clever!!  And practical!!  And  it’s recycled!!  Off road biking is fun, but really, REALLY hard on innertubes.  (The Architect has gone “tubeless” for racing.)  I saw this and I would like to make one. It’s a rubber computer bag, made from recycled bike tubes.  The only issue would  be finding a commercial strength machine that could sew easily through the tubes.


It’s hot again.  (Hello?  Weather Maker?  It’s officially autumn now. Please, can we cool off a bit?  Thanking you in advance…)

  • Moroccan Chicken over Couscous and Broccoli
  • Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Coleslaw
  • Fish Tacos with Black Beans and Guacamole
  • Hamburgers with Grilled Zucchini
  • Leftovers (yeah!)
  • Bean Burritos, Roasted Corn Salad
  • Pizzas on the Grill, Spinach Salad


Okay.  One of my kids – can’t remember which one – sent this to me, and I have giggled every time I look at it.

::looking ahead

Tree trimming, speaking at a leadership conference tomorrow about Effective Presentations and Overcoming Stage Fright, my Mom coming to Texas for a few weeks (she’s staying with my nieces while Sis and BIL take that trip to Europe), Fall Festival, more fall races for The Architect.

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7 thoughts on “Minutes – September 24

  1. Oh, where is that obstacle? Slater will be coming west next weekend. I bet he would like to ride that!

    I love that computer bag – very cool use of used tubes 🙂

    Sorry to hear about all the loss in your sphere.

  2. Hi Angela!

    Thank you so much for dropping by! I appreciate your kind comments…both on my CWA and my weight loss journey. It is nice to read about someone else’s success…who has walked the hard road. We are nearly the exact same height and started at around the same weight. I will say, reading your story scared the life out of me…with regard to your stroke! I have never been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes…but I was Gestational 3X once with each kiddo. ugh! I know I really need to get this weight off and keep it off. I will certainly track you down if I have any questions or frustrations! LOL


  3. Seems you need some extra prayers for those you know….will join you.

    I am so pinning the nocturnal thing you got there. My daughter is in hysterical giggles.

    Thanks for sharing your happiness…it is contagious.

  4. I’ll join in the prayers for those friends as well..
    Every time I come here I find a smile and that cute nocturnal (monkey? ) or whatever he is will just about do it !

    I’d love to hear your talk… stage fright is one of my things I don’t think I’ll ever overcome .. +

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