Friday’s Letters – October 5

friday's letters

Dear Weatherman–  Squeeee!!! I LOVE you!  It’s going to be cool enough this weekend to wear jeans and a sweatshirt, just in time for the Fall Festival at the parish school.  Last fall was ugly at 99 degrees; this year will be Glorious!  Thank you a bazillion times over!

Dear Architect – I do not ever want to get another phone call like that.  “Mom?  Can you come get me?  I crashed and cut my leg.”  You were very brave, to the point of being silly. Was it really necessary to post pictures of your leg sliced open to the bone on your Facebook page? WHILE the EMT was sewing you up?  I am very sorry that you have to wear the leg brace and use crutches for several weeks.  You are young, healthy and strong.  It WILL heal, and you’ll be back on the bike before Thanksgiving. Remember, Chicks dig scars!

Dear EMT – Thank you for taking care of my son, so patiently stitching away for almost two hours to close the hole in his leg. Thank you, too, for not laughing at me sitting backwards so I didn’t have to see, and for carrying on an excellent conversation (Cold War!  Aircraft Development!) to keep The Architect distracted and calm throughout. 

Dear Cheese Maker- Seriously?  You can make cheese out of fake milk?  Who knew?

Dear Cherry Ames – It was so wonderful to see you this week.  I think it’s really funny that you came home just to use your new stethoscope skills to listen to Dad’s and The Architect’s heart murmurs.  Miss you, Sweetie!

Dear UTA Department of Civil Engineering – Thank you for vote of confidence!  I hope we’re able to work out the schedules and details…it will be good for both of us.

Dear Boots – I’ve missed you all summer long.  Welcome back.

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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – October 5

  1. Oh girl…those boots…sassy! I think I would wear those with my pajamas just so I could wear them! Bummer about the Architect leg’s. You’re right, he is young and will heal quickly, thanks be to God.

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