Friday’s Letters – October 26

friday's letters

Dear Self – You had a true moment of grace this week.  The day had already been difficult with the many demands on your brain cells.  Then came the notes from not one, but TWO teachers about DirtBike and homework not turned in, homework that you KNEW was in his binder. Then there was the forgotten math book that was needed to study for a test the next day…too bad, so sad.  Pile on a last-minute discovery that in order to participate in the planned Bike To the Graveyard Dressed Like A Zombie outing with the boys, lights on the bike were a must…and the boys hadn’t put your lights in the car with theirs like you asked, so nobody got to ride. Add to that the frustration of misplaced keys (someone had borrowed them and left them in the gym downstairs), a Husband who would not answer his phone, a mad dash to the pharmacy only to find they needed to order a prescription, a burnt finger, a stupid dog rolling in something dead and you were already screeching like a banshee and about thirty seconds from slapping someone silly.  Then…

…then you stopped.  You threw a desperate prayer to heaven for, for – anything.  You didn’t even know what to ask for.  And it was given. The anger? Gone.  The grimace of fury? Gone.  Not just for you, but for everyone in the room.  Ahhh…to forever and always live in that Moment of Grace.

Dear Architect – Well look at you!  FIVE miles on the bike yesterday.  And you fixed DirtBike’s gears on his bike, too.  That almost makes up for taking all of the silk plants from the house to school to use in the Homecoming Jurassic Park decor where they got TOSSED in the trash during cleanup.

Dear Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea – *sigh*  If it weren’t so weird, I’d brew a tub full and bathe in you.  Since it is weird, I’ll just continue to buy tea leaves by the pound and drink you by the gallon.

Dear Mrs. R. – Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking DirtBike to task about being responsible for his homework.  He needs to hear it from someone else besides Mom and Dad, as that’s just the kind of kid he is.

Dear Weatherman –  I love you today.  I’m wearing a purple sweater!!!

Dear Cherry Ames – So Pretty!  I’m glad you had a wonderful time at formal. And that guy you’re with?  He’s beginning to grow on me.  He’ll be in when he gets a salaried job.

Dear Princess Pea – I can’t wait to see you tonight!!

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 Record the Minutes.  Keep the Faith.

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3 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – October 26

  1. I don’t think it’s weird that you would bathe in a tub full of tea. When we make Baked Potato Soup, I tell the kids, “This is so good! Fill up the bathtub so I can swim in it!” See you’re totally not weird at all, lol!

  2. I needed a Moment of Grace on Wednesday. It was not a great day and then just because the Lord is toying with me, my period came. It was almost 6 weeks gone and I was just oh so hoping it would just leave. Mike says, “mom, your just not old enough yet”. Now that I loved, I’m not old enough. Okay Lord, keep them coming, I’ll survive.
    Take care Angela, I really love these letters. Have a blessed weekend.

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