Friday’s Letters – January 4

friday's letters

Dear Weatherman –  Thank You for the Christmas Snow!  It was beautiful.

Dear Team Wilhelm – You guys are GREAT! Truly an outstanding group of guys. I’m so awed at your generosity in donating vacation time for our newest young engineer.  Everyone pitched in a few hours, making it possible for Obi to stay home and recover from his emergency achilles-tendon-reattachment-surgery.   You do know that you will all have to take turns carrying him up the stairs every day when he comes back to work next week, right?

Veggie Schwarma

Dear Mr. Mahmoud – Oh yum. Lunch today was utterly fantastic, as it always is at your King Tut Restaurant.  Mr. Mahmoud, if I begged, and offered to wash dishes for a month, would you teach me how to make your Vegetable Shawarma?  And the tahini sauce?  And the falafel salad?

Dear Pea Family – You are forgiven for the Great  December Bamboozlement.  My heart has been captured and She can stay.

Photo by Princess Pea

Keep the Faith.

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – January 4

    1. LOL…no, this ‘ouch’ is not in my house! Obi is a young engineer just hired to work on my team here in the office. The guys I work with are amazing.

  1. I too love the veggie-tarian shawarma at King Tut…and the humus, oh my! Even a cute new family pet would love a take-home King Tut “doggie” bag 🙂

  2. Bless your heart, is that a greyhound? She’s adorable 😀

    And I love falafel with every fiber of my being. I make a baked variant (with both tahini sauce and tzatziki sauce) that I believe I’m going to have to make this weekend. I lack only the fresh cilantro…

    Mmmm. Hungry, and it’s even for good-for-me food!

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