Friday’s Letters – November 15, 2013

friday's letters

Dear Barium Sulfate Suspension  – I really could have lived my life without ever being introduced to you.  Blech.  Glad I opted for the vanilla flavor instead of fake banana. Chocolate would have been infinitely better.

Dear Machine – I think it’s funny that you look sort of like a ginormous camera.

CT Machine
Note: This is not the same machine I get to visit with today. This is a SIMILAR machine, located on Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Mercy. Yes! Really! A floating hospital, complete with awesome technology!

Dear Advocate at Dr. Cloven’s Office – What a Surprise to see you after all these years! Your older sister and I were best friends such a long time ago, until her divorce, career changes and a relocation to the east coast caused us to drift apart.   I remember when you were just a teenager, and now you’re married, have a pair of mostly grown kids, and are handling all of my insurance paperwork and scheduling my life for the next many months. The look on your face when I stood up when you called my name in the waiting room was pretty darned funny. 

Dear Costco Pumpkin Pie – Thank you for just being you. And only $5.99. Now if I could only pry you and the Redi-Whip away from The Architect…

POMEGRANATEDear Pomegranates – Your ruby color, tart flavor and delightful texture simply rock my palate every fall.   You’re loaded with vitamins C and E, and I love you. I really, really love you.

Linking up with the Ladies at Suscipio.  Go visit today and play along with the 3-2-1 so we can all laugh together!

Eat a Pomegranate.  Keep the Faith.

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – November 15, 2013

    1. Jenny, POM brand has them already seeded in a little cup, but I haven’t seen them at the commissary. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

      Angela, I am sorry you have to drink that stuff.

      When I had the twins, my nurse in the NICU was an old neighbor that I had lost touch with. What a surprise and absolute angel she was for me. God is in the details for sure.

  1. Angela,

    I will be back in Texas next week. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or your family. You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

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