My Thoughts About Deprivation

Today was Weigh-In Day, Chickies – down another 0.6 pounds! I’m celebrating every ounce!
 Today’s topic was Deprivation.  Not the kind of deprivation that involves making whoopie on a trapeze or torturing small animals; rather, the mental part of losing weight.  What makes us feel deprived?  Why do we automatically crave chocolate the moment someone says “Oh, you shouldn’t eat that”?  It’s a delima for sure, the contrariness of the human mind.
We need to allow ourselves to have food treats – there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating a piece of cake on your birthday, or having some icecream in the summer.  However, we have to plan for these treats.  Save up points or calories and work them into the weekly menu, or commit to the exercise necessary to burn off those extra calories.  That’s how I handle my treats.  I exercise to earn the points, then indulge in a food treat. 
The lovely sandwich above?  That was my treat for the week.  I ate one just like it (sans onions – blech!) for lunch today, piled high with veggies, banana peppers, turkey, ham and even cheese.  It was worth 9 points for a half sandwich.  I savored every bite, enjoyed the heck out of it. I also rode my bicycle for an hour, earning 8 points, making this a 1 point sandwich.  

There is nothing about eating that we should feel guilty about. Everything is allowed in moderation – and I have to be willing to pay with either exercise or with a weight gain. I’ll take the exercise, thank you. EMail Anglea Pea


A NSV and a Treat

Trail Bridge…I rode here…
The topic last week at WW was celebrating victories and recognizing our own success.  When you get towards the end of the weight loss phase of regaining your health, it gets harder and harder to shed the pounds. I lost my first 50+ pounds quickly and easily, gained some back and then lost some more.  I’m down to the last fifteen pounds, and I’ve been battling them for more than a year now, shedding only ounces at a time.  It gets discouraging. 

One thing that helps is to celebrate NSVs, or “non-scale victories” instead of focusing on the snail pace of your weight loss. My NSV for today?  I wore a fitted pencil skirt to work today, one with a regular waistband and not elastic, AND (you’re going to laugh at this) I wore my shirt tucked in.  I haven’t worn a tucked in shirt in more than fourteen years. 

Then, after WW and another succesful WI (-0.2 lb!) I treated myself to a long lunch with a bicycle ride on the Trinity Trails.  These trails are a Fort Worth treasure, my friends, a treasure
There are over 40 miles (FORTY MILES!) of trails along the Trinity River and its tributaries, both caliche gravel and concrete for walking, running, or cycling.  We even see horsebck riders occasionally – this IS, after all, Fort Worth.  Today I rode from my office to the Stockyards and back to the office.  8 miles, Chickies, 8 miles! 
Trail by LaGrave Field.  I rode here today, too!

EMail Anglea Pea


Stuff It, Miss Olivia!

Miss Olivia is my Inner Brat.  She sometimes totally annoys the heck out of me.  For instance – when I start thinking about working out, Miss Olivia starts whispering the one hundred and ten other things that I should be doing in my head. You should do the laundry first.  Mr. Pea needs clean shirts.  No, you really need to sweep the floor right now.  Oh! And you promised to update the Altar Server schedule this week, and you still need four more volunteers for Christmas Eve.  You need to bathe the dog instead of taking Lady P. for a cruise aroud the neighborhood. 


I’ve been sick this week.  Really sick with a horrible respiratory virus, the kind that started as a little cold and quickly escalated into something nasty.   With fever.  I have a horribly stuffed head (with requisite headache) and just walking up the stairs to my office has me wheezing and coughing and my head pounding.

 So what does Miss Olivia nag me about today?   It’s BEAUTIFUL outside! Yeah, it really is.  *cough* You should go for a walk!  It’s so pretty outside!Go Away, Olivia. No Really!  You should just put on your sneakers and go outside.  Walk to the Library.Olivia, I cannot walk to the Library.  I just want to sit here quietly and read this Request for Qualifications.And pop another mucinex and drink this nice cup of hot tea. Awww, Come On!  Blue skies, cool air, warm sun on your face…you should go for a walk. Walk to the collisuem and back.  It’s only 5K. Olivia, I CAN NOT walk today.  I think I would collapse halfway across the bridge and then have to be carted to the hospital in an ambulance. Ambulance?  With flashy lights?  Ooooo!  THAT could be fun, and then we could – STUFF IT, OLIVIA!  And pass me another tissue.  EMail Anglea Pea