Learning to Run – Week Seven, First Run – Doing It in the Rain!

It’s become way to hot here to run at lunch time, so I rolled my rear end out of bed at o’dark thirty this morning to hit the pavement.  My husband mumbled something about ‘rain’ and ‘be careful of lightening’ as I tiptoed out of the bedroom.
So.  I open the front door, note that the walk is dry and head out.  It’s still too dark to actually see the sky.  I get about a mile and a half from home when the light show starts, cracks of blue sizzle across the sky.  I’m not too concerned, because here on the edge of the Texas Flatlands, you can literally see lightening from storms that are miles and miles away. I turn back towards home realize that I can see the sky now, and it’s an ugly shade of green.  Perhaps that lightening isn’t actually out by Mineral Wells. 
By the time I go another quarter mile, it’s starting to sprinkle. Then rain.  Then absolutely pour. I arrived home looking like a drowned rat.
At least it wasn’t hot.


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