Learning to Run – DON'T Try to Keep Up With the Boys!

We have a personal trainer here in my office who shows up every day at lunchtime and tells us what to do in our quest for fitness and healthier lifestyles. We refer to him as Buff Chad. Because he is.

Most of the guys I work with are fitness animals. They run. They lift weights. They participate in Iron Man competitions. They ride bicycles cross country, literally – from ocean to ocean. One guy even went to New Zeland this past spring and biked around the entire island. Anyway, last Wednesday I was the only non-competetive type person who showed up for BC’s cardio class. Most of the time, I can keep up with the guys.  I can hold my own with crunches, pushups, and curls.  I can even halfway keep up when they are running, because I take it slow and steady when they sprint/walk. Wednesday, however, was a different story. BC sent us to the parking garage a few blocks over to run stairs. Eight flights, eight times. I managed to keep up with the guys for the first three cycles. On run four, I only made it to the fifth floor. On run six, to the third floor. That’s when I should have stopped. But oh no, I just HAD to be tough, to not seem wimpy in front of the gang. Run seven and eight – made up to the fourth floor. The walk back to the office was dicey. My legs were so wobbly!

Thursday evening, I was feeling just a tiny bit sore, and thought maybe a walk would help warm up those muscles and help me feel better, so I went to the Y with my daughters for another go at those fabulous treadmills.  I walked a nice, easy two miles, not fast, just a comfortable pace.  When we got home, I needed help to get out of the car.  By Friday morning I couldn’t even stand. I was in so much pain that I stopped at my Dr. on the way into work. Guess what?  I tore the tendons that hold the calf muscle to the back of the knee, and seriously strained the quadricep – in both legs – running those stairs. It is going to be several weeks before I can walk comfortably again, much less run.
So, my Learning to Run Program needs to go on hold for a few weeks while I recover. Until then, I’m consigned to pilates, arm and mat exercises. Which, if I look for the positive aspect, are all things that can be done indoors where it’s air-conditioned, instead of outdoors where the heat index (today) is 115 degrees.
Next time, I won’t even try to keep up.

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