Sew What – Project Four

Yes, project Four.  I so totally skipped project Three because a) I do not like pretty pillows, they make me crazy; b) I was up to my eyeballs in the last minute details of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers Annual Meeting and Conference that I was sort-of in charge of organizing; and c) reverse applique freaks me out.  So, I passed and went straight to Project Four.

If you’re wondering what this is all about, I’ve joined my bloggy friend Cynthia from The Sewing Dork, and her friend Michelle from Until Wednesday Calls for Sew What!, a summer sew-along.  Participants pick their fabric and tackle the challenge projects.   The fourth project is to make something to carry something else – a tote. 

I made a set of shopping bags!  Green and responsible, slapped together from stash fabric acquired from WallyWorld last summer when they closed the fabric department and put EVERYTHING on sale for FIFTY CENTS a yard.  I bought bolts of this stuff.  

Love them!  How fancy schmancy with the toile fabric, and they’re lined with a pink striped fabric.  I made a dozen  bags, enough to schlep several weeks worth of groceries from the store to home.  I was trying out my new bias foot for the sewing machine on the handle trim.  It didn’t work as amazingly as I hoped, so I need to unpick and resew the binding.  You can see where the edges are a little wonky if you zoom in.  On second thought, don’t zoom in.  Just admire my thriftiness and super stylish grocery bags.

That spiffy mesh produce bag?  Nope. Didn’t make that.  I also have a dozen of those, but they were a gift from my equally adamant-about-green-living Mom.   

Angela Pea

3 thoughts on “Sew What – Project Four

  1. Way to go, Mom. I still have “make fabric sandwich bags” on my to do list. It will happen… Love the toile… Love that you found it for 50 cents/yard… Isn't it just the best when you find deals like that?!!I hope your conference went well.

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