Plateaus and Platforms

Plateaus stink.  I’ve been stuck on one for an eternity now. Wait…(she beebops over to WW, checks the weight tracker)…not actually an eternity, just five weeks. 

For Crying Out Loud!  These five weeks have included injury, surgery, recovery, consistant eating, only ONE splurge in the form of half of a piece of wedding cake at a wedding, and as much exercise as I could muster. 
Why do I feel like such a failure?  For crying out loud, I didn’t GAIN any weight during these five weeks!
So now what do I do? 

Here’s the plan, thrown together this morning as I sipped my coffee:

1.  Continue to pester Charlie over at Operation Shrink Charlie’s Big Butt, because she’s in a slump, too. We’ll hold each other up.
2.  Up my exercise, now that Dr. said “Go”.  I think maybe I haven’t been pushing myself hard enough.  Yeah, I put in lots of time, but perhaps the intensity isn’t enough.
3.  Eat. More. Protein.  I tend to cut that out of my diet, because just little bits add up those WW points fast.  And I really, really want that teaspoon of honey in my no fat unflavored greek yogurt in the morning, so I swap a protein point for the sweetness.  Probably not the best choice.
4.  Drink MORE water.  True, I average about 3 quarts of liquid a day including my morning coffee and make dozens of trips to the potty (thankfully right across from my office door!), but maybe a bit more would help.  I’ll just move my desk into the bathroom.
5.  Quit beating myself up over this.  I didn’t gain all this weight overnight, and I’m not going to lose it that fast, either.
Image of Roan Plateau, Colorado, courtesy of the United States Department of the Interior website.

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