Learning To Run – Where Should I Resume?

Hello, Chickies, and Greetings from the sizzling plains of North Central Texas.  Lord love a duck, it’s hot.  Too hot to run outside, for sure. 
How do I know?  Because I started a run yesterday, and gave up within 10 minutes.  I ran to the bank, took care of my errand then relished the blissfully cold air for a few – okay, more than than a few – minutes while I talked myself into braving the scorching pavement.  I came straight back to the office, and finished my run on the treadmill.   I don’t even know that I could count it as a run, becasue just those ten minutes under the broiler did me in. I only managed another fifteen minutes on the treadmill. Pfffft!!
So.  I’m wondering where to pick up with the running again.  Start Over?  Start Where I Left Off?  Maybe back up a week or two in the program and start there?  I’m so totally inclined to not start at all, because it’s TOO HOT!  Oh.  Did I already talk about that ?  Seriously – I’m nothing but whiney about the heat.  It’s 86 degrees at 6:00 in the morning.  90 degrees at 10:00 at night.  105 degrees at various times inbetween, and the feel-like-it?  Sheesh.  It’s too depressing to even think about.
Running should be a winter sport, not a summer one.
P.S.  Just so you know, I’m NOT slacking on the exercise.  I participate in Buff Chad’s cardio and abs classes every day, and I’ve been doing a pilates band workout every evening for stretching and toning.  Ha!  The kids do the pilates with me.  We must look silly laying in a row across the living room floor with our bands stretching our legs.  I need to set up the tripod and snap a photo for you.

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