Monday, Monday!

Good Morning, Chickies!

What did you do this weekend to supercharge your body?  We – the entire Pea Family – went to the Y yesterday afternoon.  It’s too hot to play outside, so we played inside instead!  I did a two mile run on the treadmill, and then accepted AlmostTeen Son #2’s challenge to race on the track over the gym floor. 
Lessons Learned:
1.  Never accept a race challenge from a kid who weighs 100 pounds less than you do and is thirty-two years younger.  Fun to try, but impossible to win.
2.  Weight Machines are fun and easy to use.  Especially when your handsome hubby is working out close by so you can admire his flexing muscles.
3.  After said kid beats your pants off for the sixth time, even giving you a quarter track head start each time, let him race his older brother.  It will put him back in his place.
4.  Do try racing your Teen Daughter, the skinny one.  You can probably beat her, which will make you feel better.

2 thoughts on “Monday, Monday!

  1. Congrats! Sounds like fun! Next time make the kid run backwards. My mother could probably have beaten me in a race when I was a teen…she could always do everything faster than me! Even when she was 57 and I was a mere 30!Love the comment about your husband's muscles. Awesome attitude!

  2. Oh, here you are! Congratulations on your success so far. I like that this is a family adventure in exercise and health. I hate exercise. You have inspired me to brainstorm family activities that will get us (ME) moving together and make it a life-long habit for my sweet girl. I wish that for her.My brother-in-law just embarked on a massive weight loss journey (literally). If you are interested, check it out: jollyphatman.comBest of luck to you!

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