Happy New Year! and Fun With a Flat Iron

Greetings, Chickies, and Happy New Year to You! 

Don’t you just love the fresh new start to a new year?  Everyone is all excited about their new found resolve, you get to arm wrestle for the privledge of a parking space at the Y and Whooo-eee! Everyone and their brother is out running at lunch time. Including me.

Ran 2.3 miles in 27 minutes. Not a stellar speed, BUT I’m actually running again and there’s no pain!  I’ve consulted a trainer – sadly, not Buff Chad on this one – about my running hip pain, and she’s made some suggestions for correcting my form, specifically my gait.

What’s a Gait?  Fancy biometric word that means the-way-you-step-on-the-ground.  Basically, my ankles roll out (already knew that because I am constantly having the heel caps on my shoes replaced).  It’s especially noticable on the ankle I tore up several years ago, which in turn causes me to overextend the hip on the opposite leg.  And I try to take too long of a step.  SO!  What’s a woman to do?  Concentrate on keeping the feet and ankles steady and take shorter steps.  So far, so good.

Other running observations?  It’s Beautiful in North Central Texas!  Blue Skies!  But also cold.  And I need to figure out what to wear running outside in the cold.  I start out with my light fleece jacket, because I’m really cold, but then have to pull it off and tie it around my waist by the time I hit 1.5 miles.  Then it’s all floppy around my butt and annoying me.  My sweat pants are too wide at the ankle and are threatening to trip me any minute.  I think I’d like to have some tight legging sort of pants with a running skirt and several layered tees.   The best article of clothing used today?  Enell bra.  I need to do a review of this amazing piece of architecture soon.  What do the rest of you wear and how comfy is it?

Me.  After running. 
Before eating
and changing
back into work clothes
Flat Iron?  I thought I’d tame the curls this morning with a flat iron.  Not so sure I’m a fan of the look, but Teen Daughters squealed in delight when they saw me and Husband likes it too.  LOL…see that streak over the top of my bangs?  It’s my Cruella DeVille streak.  White over blonde.  I’m impatiently waiting for all of my hair to be shiny white platinum blonde . 

EMail Anglea Pea

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year! and Fun With a Flat Iron

  1. Buff Chad made me salivate. I need to find a good sports bra for my melons. I'm going to have to look up the Enell and see if it comes in my size. :)PS I like the hair too!

  2. Like the hair. I have a light running jacket I found at Kohls. I love it. It's light and water resistant. It keeps me warm but not hot. It is a polyester and spandex blend. I found mine with all the athletic clothing. (luckily it was on clearance) They make great running pants and shirt of the same material as well. Love them!Enell bra? Going to have to look that one up.

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