Conversations With the Inner Brat – Yes, It’s Officially Cold

I needed some sunshine today, Chickies, some good old vitamin D to cheer me up.  So I decided to layer up and take to the streets.
Olivia came with me.
I get about a half mile from the office and she speaks up.

 Walking outdoors was an incredibly stupid idea. You DO know that it is only 24 degrees, right?

Yes, I know it’s only 24 degrees.  That’s why I have several layers of clothing on, including that wicking fabric undershirt and lots of fleece.

How far do we have to go? How long until you get frostbite?

We’re shooting for two and a half miles today, Olivia.  That’s because we got a late start and I have to get back to the office and finish that storm drain model this afternoon.  I will not get frostbite.

This is so dumb.  You should go back to the office right now.  What if Mr. W. calls and wants an answer about the gas line permit?

If he does, then I’ll call him back later.  It’s lunch time, which means I get a break. Away from the desk. And the phone.

You have a snotcicle hanging from your nose.

No I don’t.

Are we done yet?


Are we DONE yet? I’m COLD.



Yes, Oliva.  There’s the office. And we didn’t freeze to death.

See?  Fleece is our Friend.

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