20{4}40 – Saturdays in Spring

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

421. Running in the morning before everyone is up and about

422. Knocking out the Fartlek sprints, then enjoying the walk back to the house

423. Birds singing

424. Oak trees that have come back this spring instead of succumbing to oak wilt

425. Pancakes for breakfast, waiting on my plate when I got home

426. Maple syrup

427. Chores getting done quickly with no complaining

428. Husband, Dirtbike and The Architect working on the tractor together

429. Husband, Dirtbike and The Architect giving up on same tractor for the time being and then shopping online for a new lawnmower to tide us over until the tractor can be properly repaired.

430. New lawnmower

431. Teen boys who are excited about having a new mower and who finished the lawn in record time.

432. Weedeaters

433. Husband and Me no longer having to do lawn work because kids are big enough to do it for us.

434. Baby tomato plants, almost ready to move to the big garden

435. Bluebonnets

436. Mass, and serving as lector

437. Fr. Tom’s newly grown beard – he looks very distinguished with it

438. Being moved to tears by the Eucharist

439. Parish Directory with pictures

440.  C.A.S.N. coming home, even if it is just to do her laundry

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