20{4}40 – Special Sunday!

441. Mass outside in the glorious sunshine
442. Bishop Vann
443. The Holy Spirit trying to blow us away
444. Stephen Breen Spirit Games
445. Hundreds of volunteers who make a day of fun, fellowship and evangelization
446. Slurpees
447. Sidewalk Chalk
448. Pie in the Face
449. Karaoke
450. Dunking Booths
451. Tootsie Rolls
452. An arena full of kids playing Dodge Ball
453. Brave souls who referee dodge ball
454. Football toss
455. Princess Pea and Prince Charming
456. Pogo sticks
457. Hula hoops
458. Magic and Illusion!
459. David Hira and his amazing testimony
left to right top to bottom:  Prince Charming (Princess Pea’s Sweetie), David Hira, The Architect, Husband
Princess Pea
Wildman (DirtBike’s  Best Bud), DirtBike 
460. Hamburgers on the grill after a long day of volunteering

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

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