20{4}40 – Late to Work and a Site Visit

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

 461. Precious drops of rain
462. Thunder and lightning shows in the wee hours of the morning
463. Lost keys
464. Spare keys
465. A quick drive back home to deliver keys…enjoying the extra hour of quiet thinking time
466. Getting to hug Princess Pea one more time when I bring her keys to her
467. An understanding boss
468. Almond Biscotti
469. Copious amounts of Decaffeinated coffee
470. Site visit on a pretty afternoon
471. Client with a pickup truck
472. Figuring out how to solve a sticky drainage issue
473. Agreeable homeowners who will let the City have a drainage easement across their property
474. Surveyors who have everything staked out, easy to see
475. Silly dogs in dog shacks
476. Blooming trees
477. More dogs guarding their yard
478. Being able to fix a sewer connection
479. Driving back to the office with the sunroof open, music blaring and hair flying in the wind
480. Decaffeinated Americano with skim milk on ice
EMail Anglea Pea

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