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Exercise, A Sort-of Naked Men Rant and Shrimp Tacos

How did I move today?  Hopped back on the bicycle and rode to Dr. Tom’s office again to pick up DirtBike’s prescription!  It was MUCH easier today, since the wind wasn’t blowing at a steady 23 mph.
Some famous soccer player named VanPersie.
Did I see him running today shirtless? 
No.  If I had, I wouldn’t be complaining at all.
I’d probably stop the bike and gawk for a few minutes.
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What is it with men that makes them think they have to strip off their shirts in public as soon as the sun shines and the temperature rises above 74 degrees?  Seriously.  I appreciate that some of these dudes are overly proud of their man-abs and flexy muscles; and some of them may just be pursuing the bestest tan ever; but the rest of them?  Egads.  I’m pushing fifty, am slightly overweight and have been pregnant four times and I still have a shaplier torso. Blech!!  AND – the buff guys are carrying their shirts.  Come on.  You know they left their offices and cubicles completely intent on getting out and stripping to their shorts, so why didn’t they just leave the shirt at work?  Don’t use the “Oh, it’s so very hot,” excuse on me.

I wonder what sort of response I would get if I stripped my shirt off to go bike riding or running?  Seriously…the Enell bra covers all the good bits and quite a lot of my back and ribcage, so I would still be modest.  Just shirtless.

Shrimp Tacos for lunch.  OMGoodness they are so good.  Marinate the shrimp in firey mojo sauce, grill and serve on corn tortillas with diced tomatos, cilantro and a thin slice of avacado.  Very point friendly and tasty.

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3 thoughts on “Exercise, A Sort-of Naked Men Rant and Shrimp Tacos

  1. Oh my gosh…you are too funny. I was thinking that same exact thought the other day…all these men with their guts hanging out shirtless…jogging, mowing the lawn, what have you. Although I haven’t seen any like the one above : )

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